Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Construction!

Dear Friends,

Merrily we roll along to our planned re-opening May 29th!

Jeff, Nick, Michael & now Keith are all contributing their skills to the project.
Book collector deluxe, Bud Sloat, assisted by starting in on next year's firewood pile.
My dear friend, Lori Lammas, from SF was this past weekend's gourmet caterer.
Thanks for the extra 20 pounds, Lori!

The walls are going up!

Meanwhile ye olde Village Books had a very profitable Saturday, with the 50%
off sale continuing through May 16th.

Head to Washington that weekend! The renowned Gibbs Library Book & Plant
Sale will be on the 16th, our Farmer's Market at the Grange returns that day and
Sweet Seasons Farm Cafe is serving great food! Check out their store too for Maine-made food products.

Supporting local businesses is not just a bumper sticker.
It's a revolutionary act.
Join in!