Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Goats, Happy Husband

Welcome LUCY!!

Winnie has a roommate named Lucy! She's also a cashmere goat, about a year and half old. There is no more loud complaining coming from the goat pen!

Winnie, as she gets comfortable, has become very BOLD! She's climbing me, butting Roxanne & Dixie (lovingly) and doing some lovely, elegant rear-ups for Lucy's benefit.

Winnie has a morning wash.

Meanwhile, Jeff had a birthday, which the goats were part of, and spent it building goat-y things, like fences. Both ladies followed him around the yard all morning. Roxanne has discovered that they love the Simon & Garfunkel song "Cecilia", so she & I sang them a verse or two.

In other birthday news, Jeff also received a ticket to go see The Decembrists in Orono with his daughter, and the strange thing pictured below.

Best friend Scott assured me that Jeff NEEDED this! Thanks, Scott!

In the Book World (where I rightfully belong), there were great finds to be had in Searsport on the way home from picking up Lucy: 2 volumes of Ridpath's Universal History; vintage baseball by Arthur Stanwood Pier called The Captain; a lovely vintage copy of Stevenson's Child's Garden of Verses; a diapidated but utterly charming book called Knitting Work: Web of Many Textures (1859)by a man named BP Shillaber under the pseudonym Ruth Partington; and a bunch of new-ish cookbooks from many cultures, and a replacement copy of the perennial favorite Straight Man by Richard Russo. (Really want to read his new one!!!)

More soon,

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