Thursday, September 24, 2009

Strange Mom Experience

So the Daughter is off in DC learning how the President makes his decisions, meeting politicos and otherwise having a time I cannot even imagine having. The first (and only) communication was late at night. I was half-asleep, she was jazzed. Now announcing she wants to go to (wait for it) LAW SCHOOL!!! (So, Bo...)

Around here, my poor bookstore is open erratically due to my part-time "real" job, about which I will write next time.

Meanwhile, I just got in two large boxes of miscellaneous non-fiction, which look promising & will be affordable: WWII history, theology & some philosophy -NOT TEXTBOOKS-good authors like Barbara Tuchman (Bible & Sword), and The Travels of Marco Polo with 25 full color illustrations (Orion Press), in very good condition. New knitting books continue to arrive, most notably Elspeth Lavold's Viking Patterns, and a lovely book for all artists (especially fiber) called Approaching Design Through Nature: A Quiet Joy by Grace Martin. Gorgeous too is Handmade Lace & Patterns in hardcover, by Annette Feldman, a history with plenty of pictures.

Look for Village Books at the Knitting Out Loud booth during Fiber Maine-ia at U of M, Orono, October 10 & 11.

During these beautiful fall days, I'm able to open all the doors and enjoy the mingled sounds of the brook and the occasional goat bleating. Very peaceful!

Watch for the open flag & drop in! We will be closed Friday a.m. for Common Ground, open Saturday 9-5, and open Sunday 9-2.


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  1. Karen I had such fun meeting you and all the other ladies. I had a wonderful day