Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holiness and Some Mistakes About It

Every once in awhile, I get an oddity in - a book that is old and strange and COOL.  This is one of them.    

David Caleb Cook, who was born August 28, 1850, started work for his father Ezra as a "printer's devil" (an apprentice in his father's printery) as a boy. He later founded a large religious publishing company.
During his lifetime, David C. Cook repeatedly proved his skills as an entrepreneur and as a civic and religious leader.
David C. Cook is primarily remembered as the founder of the David C. Cook Publishing Company, which grew out of a sewing machine apparatus business he started in his father's printery. After the Chicago fire destroyed his business, he started it again and then established the publishing company. Its first printing plant was on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.
Press operations outgrew the original plant, and another was prepared in an old woolen mill in Elgin, which later became the town's YMCA building.
Again the building proved too small, and a modern factory was built about a mile north on on Elgin's South Grove Avenue.

The book is about 4 " square, printed on good (if yellowing) stock.  Cover is worn & rubbed (So am I but I wasn't made in 1898!) In the book world we would call it's condition Fair-Good. Price on request.

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Meanwhile, watch out for ZOMBIES!

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