Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Sun is Back!

Antique lace bobbin made of bone

Needle felted landscape in progress

Pony Express

Summer has begun! (NOTE: DATE IS AUGUST 4th!!!) Maine is in full swing with festivals and happenings all over the state.

As you can see (above) I'm working on my felted landscape piece, which may take me the rest of my life but WTF! Loving the colors and textures. Cheaper and cleaner than oils and I can roll around in it! (I know they did that with paint back in the day but my dignity has always said no.)

The book business is up and down as it always is, but new people continue to find me - many more so here than at the old location. So lemonade has happened whether I saw it coming or not. New/old stuff includes an antique lace bobbin from England and a lovely old book from the 1850's called Salad for the Solitary, a group of charming essays on life by F. Saunders & signed by him. A rare, first edition copy of The Pony Express by Alexander Majors (1908) has also come in, complete with dj. The book is in very good condition with the dj good.

New to the contemporary non-fiction collection I have a brand new audio book from Knitting Out Loud: Mason-Dixon Knitting, read by the authors. Author Kay Gardiner says that the book expresses the "crazy joy we still feel about knitting". So if you're one of these crazy joy people or know one of them, Christmas or birthday or anniversary or be-nice-to yourself-day is surely just around the corner! Knitting Out Loud audio cds make fabulous gifts.

New in the cooking section we have an almost-new copy of Marcella Hazen's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Hazen is one of the best in Italian food, so stop by & pick it up.

Finally, in our miscellaneous-and-wonderful section (on top of the cardboard box to the left) I've received some gorgeous, vintage Latvian textiles from my lovely c0-conspirator, Ieva. These are unique and beautifully made, many in linen, both by hand and machine.

More later on this weekend's Fiber Tour, when I will (gulp!) be an exhibiting artist!

Enjoy these few minutes of summer, friends!


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