Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Web Site Up, Book Woman Down!

Sooooo happy to announce that the Village Books website is much more functional. With the help of web designer Kathleen Kearns, I've added a database that will allow me to post more books (and remove them as you buy them). Pictures of the chosen volumes will be up soon. All shipping is free - so have at it!

Meanwhile, my left arm & shoulder are screaming (everyone blames knitting but how could sweet, darling knitting ever hurt me?) and I'm taking it (relatively) easy. Took the time to listen to Knitting Out Loud's latest audio book, Mason-Dixon Knitting, which is truly a joy. When authors Ann & Kay read to me, I want to jump in the car with my knitting bag & drive to Manhattan & Tennessee simultaneously. Or have them over for tea. Or something. It's a joyful and soul-warming experience, spending time with these two. Highly Recommended! (The books ain't bad, either.)

With the start of junior year of highschool for the 16-almost-17-yr-old girl, bookstore hours have become peculiar again -- BUT, I'm going to try to stick to

TUES, WED 9-3; Thurs 12-3, FRI, SAT 9-5 and Sundays by chance. (Mondays: don't even think about it!)

This will give me the chance to drive said daughter all over the universe and maybe attend a few of her soccer games. There will be days, too, when I'm actually off somewhere else working for pay, so Autumn is a good time to look for the flying OPEN flag before trotting up to my door.

Hey, these new anti-inflammatory pills are good! Maybe just a few rows of rib stitch....

Love, Karen

PS If you haven't read Annie Proulx's novels, I suggest you get started. Reading Postcards right now - it's totally absorbing and alive with detail. Highly textured writing from one of America's best writers! Pick up anything she's written (in my store, of course) and settle down for an intense ride.

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  1. Hang in there Book Woman! I like Annie Prouix too. P